Pro Gaff® 1″ Cloth Tape


Gaffer tape was traditionally used for the film and theater industries by professional Gaffers. A Gaffer is a lighting tech who uses gaffers tape to secure lights in position and conceal wires across floors preventing tripping hazards. Brighter color gaffers tape is also applied to stages as spike marks helping performers and stagehands find their marks – even in low lighting.

Gaffers tape is now more widely used as a duct tape replacement. Unlike duct tape, it’s highly removable from most surfaces and a better choice most anywhere you would typically reach for duct tape. You’ll notice the benefits right away as you tear the first strip off the roll.


  • Gaffers tape is great for color coding and bundling cables and wires. Available in 20 colors and removes clean from wires.
  • 5 highly visible fluorescent gaffer tape colors make easy work of marking stages, exists and stairways.
  • Pro Gaff® gaffers tape sticks to irregular and porous surfaces. It’s also resistant weather, abrasives, chemicals and age.
  • Use Pro Gaff® pro gaffer tape to clearly identify your equipment cases, gear boxes and luggage.
  • Gaffers tape rips easily in both directions. This means you always have the proper size piece of tape for the job
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