BrownBox Tube Amplifier Input Voltage Attenuator


  • Easy to read, back-lit L.C.D. display enabling real-time voltage and amperage monitoring, also useful for diagnostics.
  • Tough road rugged construction.
  • Proprietary transformer design wound exclusively for use with tube amplifiers, an industry first!
  • Filament soft-start in full reduction mode.
  • A powder coated EMF neutral housing. In-rush current protection, fused over-load protection.
  • Silent, cool operation.
  • Custom wound 5 amp proprietary transformer that will supply 540 watts max@ 120 Vac. Designed for Mid to larger sized Amps, Fender Bassman, Marshall 50S/100S, etc . or for Parallel or (DUAL) amp rigs. Be sure to check the manufactures info plate on the rear of the chassis for input watt requirements.
  • 5 year parts and labor.
  • Made in the USA.
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