Ebtech Hum X™ Exterminator

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The Hum X™ filters out unwanted voltage on the ground line that can cause ground loop hum. Simply place the Hum X™ on the end of the power cord of the equipment that has a Ground Loop and plug the Hum X™ into the wall outlet. Ground Loop is gone and signal remains intact. Easy to use, easy to install, absolutely safe and completely effective!
Dimensions: 3″ (L) / 1.25″ (W) / 2.25″ (H) (including prongs)


  • Exterminate Ground Hum Right at The Source!
  • Designed to solve GROUND RELATED Hum and Buzz
  • Filters the Ground Line of Excess Low Voltage and Current that Cause Audio Noise
  • Maintains Proper Ground
  • NOT a Ground Lift
  • Simply Connect Hum X to Power Plug of Offending Gear
  • Maximum recommended Current per Hum X™ Is 6 Amp
  • Handy LED Shows Power is On and Unit Is Working
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